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Easy letter recognition activity

I’m always on the look out for more fun (and even better, easy to make) letter recognition games.  Just visit Tired, Need Sleep (don’t we all?) and print off her lowercase letter templates.  Then cut out the pieces from foam and away you go!  This also works on spatial reasoning, as it’s just like a puzzle and fine motor skills, as those pieces of foam are pretty small.  Once your child is ready to move on to something harder, print, cut and paste more letter templates to spell out their name or sight words.

If you want to make this a fun car or airplane game, make the templates and foam magnetic with a bit of refrigerator magnet tape and use them on a cookie sheet.


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Recipe for bath paint

Okay, what kid wouldn’t have blast mixing up their own bathtub paint?  Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about what primary colors make secondary colors.  Here’s the recipe from Science Mommy.  Of course I’ve got some ideas for how to use them!

  • Practice spelling their name
  • Write sight words
  • Draw and doodle and then tell a story about what they’ve painted
  • Math story problems- draw objects and then “add” to them using tub paint to draw more or “subtract” by erasing with water
  • Practice writing numbers

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