The School Lunch 411

I absolutely love my Baby 411 book by Dr. Ari Brown!    She has frequently answered my questions and steered me in the right direction.  Yesterday her blog was all about school lunches.  Dr. Brown also has two other books that I’m sure are fabulous but I haven’t read.  They are the Toddler 411 book (haven’t gotten there yet) and the Pregnancy 411 book (came out after the baby was born).

Here’s my own 411 on school lunches:

  • Always make sure that there’s lunch money in your child’s account.  At certain times during the year they will not allow your child to charge a lunch.  If there’s no money in the account that means your child will get a cheese sandwich or something equally as gross.
  • Pack things that your child can open on their own.  Of course there will be lunch monitors to help your child but they have a ton of kiddos to help.  This will cut down on the time your child has to wait.
  • If you’re bringing lunch to your child for a special treat, be sure you let the teacher know.  Call the office if you’re running late because McDonald’s didn’t switch over from their breakfast menu.  (Kindergarten usually eats pretty early, 11:00 or sometimes earlier)
  • Even if your child is never going to buy their lunch, consider putting in a small amount for milk, snacks or ice cream.  Loose change can get lost very easily, which can be disappointing when it’s finally lunch time.
  • If your child is buying, discuss menu options with them in the morning before school.  There’s a lot of choices in the cafeteria these days, which can be overwhelming.  If they’ve talked through the choices with you beforehand, they’re less likely to have trouble making a decision.
  • If at all possible, pack your child’s lunch the first few days or even weeks of school.  The lunch line can be very long at first.  (Remember it’s Kindergarten and they have to be taught how everything at school works.)  This will allow your child to have a more leisurely lunch and have plenty of time to eat.
  • Put in a special note every once in awhile.  It will make your child’s day!  If they’re buying lunch, slip it in their backpack.

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