Photos and stickers can improve writing, reading and math

Check out the landscape photos from Amy at Let’s Explore.  She and her children used stickers to dress up the photo.

These are super cute and I can think of a few ways to use this idea to incorporate writing, reading and math skills.

  • Take several photo pages and staple them into a book.  Then have your child write (or dictate) a story to go along with the pictures.
  • Make the photo into a postcard and send it to Grandma!
  • Stick them inside a plastic page protector and give your child an erasable marker.  Have them label items in the picture.  Then just erase and it’s ready for another photo page.
  • Have your child find all the words that start with a certain letter.  Depending on their academic level they could just tell these to you orally or make a list.
  • Think up rhyming words for different objects in the photos
  • Have your child describe where objects are using position words.
  • Count objects in the picture.

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