I Spy Water Bottle

Okay, I love this idea of an I Spy Water Bottle from Science Mommy.

You probably already have everything you need for the project around your house, too.   I can think of tons of ways to extend this.

  • Play “I Spy’ and look for objects with certain beginning sounds, syllables, ending sounds, or rhyming words.
  • If you’re feeling really adventurous you could do this project on a larger scale.  Bury items in the sandbox or a large tub of sand and have your kids hunt for treasure with small sand shovels.  When they find any treasure, they have to tell you something about it.  Example:  They find a rock.  They tell you, “This rhymes with sock.”
  • If you have a large plastic swimming pool, you could go fishing.  Take your objects and hot glue paper clips to them.  Then drop them in your filled swimming pool.  Make fishing rods using a ruler with string tied to the end and a strong magnet at the end of the string.  Then go fishing!  Before each round of fishing announce what types of “fish” you want.  (Fish that start with letter B, fish that rhyme with dog, etc.)  Practice catch and release and throw any fish back that don’t fit the criteria for the round.
  • In my classroom I used to make bottles similar to these only I filled them with alphabet beads and a water and oil mixture.  To make this type of bottle, fill the bottle about 3/4 of the way full with oil.  Then drop in alphabet letters.  You could use Science Mommy’s idea and work with the letters in your child’s name.  Just make it to fit your child’s academic needs.  Then fill the bottle the rest of the way full with colored water.  Screw on the lid and tape it shut.  We don’t want any spills!  If you want to be really fancy you can add glitter.   You could also do a family size “I Spy” bottle with a large 2 liter soda bottle using either rice or the water/oil mixture.  Here’s a “lava lamp” that I made for my infant son.  (We aren’t quite ready for letters yet, but he loves looking at the shapes!)

If you’re looking for something a tad more durable, check out baby soda bottles from Steve Spangler Science.


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