Get Ready for Kindergarten Month

August is Get Ready for Kindergarten month.  Very appropriate but who knew there was a whole month dedicated to getting ready for Kindergarten?  Here’s a checklist for new Kindergarten parents to make sure everything’s ready for the big day.

  • Fill out and turn in enrollment forms, immunization records and all that fun paperwork.
  • Set routines and procedures for getting to and from school and after school routines.
  • Find out about any Meet the Teacher, Back to School and Kinder Camp events.
  • Purchase and label school supplies.  (Check with the teacher first though! Not all teachers want supplies labeled.)
  • Find that cute back to school outfit
  • Purchase a calendar for writing school events.
  • Create a designated spot, folder, etc. for school paperwork.
  • Start making your child go to bed a little earlier each night and have them get up a little earlier each morning so they’ll be back on schedule by the first day of school.
  • Get those camera batteries charged and ready to go for those first day photos!
  • Consider writing a note or having your child draw a picture for the teacher on the first day.

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