Show and Tell

What types of items are appropriate for my son to take for show and tell?

Ah, Show and Tell. A time all children adore but not all teachers.  Help your child’s teacher out and follow these rules for show and tell. Believe me, she’ll love you for it.

1. While I wasn’t huge fan of show and tell as a teacher, I always made sure to incorporate it throughout the year because it helps kids work on their speaking and listening skills. This may not seem like a big deal but this is a huge part of the Kindergarten curriculum. Show and Tell allows children to learn how to speak in complete sentences, not interrupt, ask questions, answer questions, develop vocabulary and listen to others.

2. Don’t allow your child to bring anything extremely precious, something that might break or something that someone will want to “borrow.” I know that severely limits what your child can bring but these things happen more frequently than we’d like. Try to find something that fits these categories and you’ll have a much happier child and teacher.

3. Practice with your child what they will say to describe their object to the class. Prepare a few sentences about this object and then practice asking and answering a few questions. The better prepared your child is the more smoothly Show and Tell will go. Again, this makes for a happy teacher!

4. Follow the Show and Tell rules set by your child’s teacher, which likely include allowing your child to bring a toy or special item on that day only. Your child should not be in the habit of keeping toys in their backpack. It may seem harmless but it will ultimately end up becoming a huge distraction at some point in the day. They will try to convince you to let them bring it by promising that it will stay in their backpack. In truth they most likely will get it out of their backpack, which could cause it to get lost, become broken or become a distraction. Even if they don’t get it out of their backpack, many will ask frequently if they can get it out or check on it, which again is a distraction.


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