What are TEKS?

You may have heard your child’s teacher refer to TEKS and wondered what it means.  TEKS (most commonly pronounced with a long e) are the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, a fancy way of saying the curriculum standards for the state of Texas. Visit the Texas Education Agency for Texas curriculm information. Not from Texas? While the curriculum will likely be very similar, visit your state’s education agency’s website and you’re sure to find the curriculum specific to your region.

Curriculum standards are in place so teachers know what material they must cover and can align their teaching with other grade levels. Ultimately this is the material that will be used to assess the educational progress of your child. For this reason, it is critical that parents become familiar with these standards. Don’t worry about the number/letter code that is assigned to each curriculum standard. Just familiarize yourself with the content, as this is what your child will be working on all year. You may want to make a mental note of areas that you think your child will need help with so you can begin to provide extra support for this at home now. If there is a standard that confuses you or you aren’t sure how you can help your child in that area, talk to your child’s teacher. They’ll be so impressed at what you know!


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