Writing Name

My child can find his name, does he need to be able to write it too? He’s not really interested in learning how to write it.

The fact that your child can recognize his name is wonderful! It will make his transition into Kindergarten much easier. Being able to locate his name in the room will give him confidence in finding his seat, cubby, and other assigned items and areas.   On the first day of school your child will be asked to write his name.  The Kindergarten teacher will do this to assess how well he can properly write his first name.   By the end of Kindergarten the expectation will be that your child write his first and last name with correct capitalization and letter formation (plus no letter reversals). There’s a good bit of ground to cover between recognizing one’s name and actually getting the letters on paper correctly. Don’t stress! There are lots of ways to give your child the practice he needs to ensure he is on his way to writing his name the right way!

Now that I know, what can I do?

Let your child experience the fun ways to write his name! Using a pencil and paper might not sound like much fun to your child. Try one of these new ways to get your child on board: Let your him practice writing his name in shaving cream; Use sidewalk chalk to write his name colorfully; Playdough is a wonderful tool to use to practice spelling one’s name. (It works those fine motor skills too!) Write your child’s name in glue and allow him to cover the gluey letters with cereal, buttons, glitter, etc. Use chocolate chips to spell his name on the next cake you bake together. Bath time brings about a wonderful chance to use bath crayons to practice spelling his name too!

Practice Makes Perfect! The best way for your child to independently write his name is through practice. But remember that the tools he uses to practice writing his name are very important. Allow him to use chubby pencils and crayons rather than thin ones. They are much easier to grasp. Transition into the thinner pencils and crayons as your child develops those fine motor skills.

Also consider:
Pre-K students typically write their name in all capital letters so a child transitioning into Kindergarten may be writing in all caps. That is perfectly acceptable. The capital letters are much easier to form so encourage and model using those capital letters to write your child’s name.


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